Ayurveda Cures worldwide

The holistic health education Ayurveda comes from India and means “knowing about long life”.
Man is seen as an individual, so no Ayurveda cure is like any other, because it is tailored personally to the needs of the respective Ayurveda guest. The Ayurvedic medicine , which dates back more then 5000 years doesn´t treat only symptoms but as well the cause. Ayurveda cures are a wonderful method for preventive health care and strengthening wellbeing. Especially with guests who suffer from rheumatism, migraines, skin problems, weight problems, joint pains, diabetes, stress symptoms, sleep disorders, diseases of the respiratory tract, nervousness and many more symptoms.
The distance to everyday life , daily yoga and meditation sessions, type-appropriate  nutrition according to the doshas ideally supports the healing process.

Overview of all Ayurveda treatments: