Yoga Holiday and Ayurveda cure in India 

India is a country of opposites. The huge contrast between North and South and poor and rich, that is what makes Indian such
a fascinating country.
The smell of all the different spices, the bright colours of the local markets, the lush green of the tea plantations or the delicious expressive kitchen. A feast for the senses.

Who visits India should definitely plan a visit to a Temple and some sightseeing. This will allow you to dive in the exotic Indian culture and religion.
Apropos religion, India is a daily lived religion and all the different religions live harmonious next to each other.

Who is interested to see more of this interesting country can join one of our yoga round trips. We work together with qualified guides who will be able to explain you a lot about the culture, land, and his people. Of course, this huge nation has to cope with some challenges that’s why it’s important to show some tolerance from our western perspective. India is changing.

The motherland of Yoga and Ayurveda, especially in the southern states like Kerala, we offer a large choice of certified Ayurveda resorts with authentic Ayurveda cures (Panchakarma).
You decide what you like, small, simple or more fully equipped, an intensive cure or a light Ayurveda program. Get advice from us to find your perfect resort. An Ayurveda cure is a gift to your health.

Our certified Ayurveda Resorts for your Ayurveda cure in India: