Holidays in Bali, Indonesia


Bali – The island of gods and demons. Amazing colours, traditions, customs, and friendly locals. Beautiful exotic plants, beaches, palm trees, highlands, volcanoes, and this very special energy. All this and more is Bali. On the small island, 5,700 km², 90% of the population is Hindu and it has over 20.000 temples all do  the main religion in Indonesia is Muslim, with the largest population of Muslim in the world. 
After the movie “eat, pray, love” from Elisabeth Gilbert played by the American actress Julia Roberts many tourists came to visit Bali, mainly the small city of Ubud. Ubud was even before the movie came out very popular with Yogis and artists. It is absolutely a place you must visit.
Start looking forward coming to visit Bali but be careful, once you have been there you will want to come back…

Our yoga trips and Ayurveda cures in Bali: