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Lurey David

David Lurey

David Lurey has been teaching Yoga since 2000 and is a self-titled 'Global Yogi'. Since 2005, he has been sharing Yoga as a traveling teacher in Europe, Brasil, and The United States with teaching inspired from different paths of Yoga.  With a focus on the dynamic transformation when Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit align, practices with David include input for all aspects of our being.  With a physical practice that focuses on stable foundations and movement principles, he supports students in awakening the inherent guide for safe and effective movements. With mindful awareness, he also guides students to a place of peace of mind so the essence of the heart can be revealed.  As a musician, David weaves mantra and heart songs into his classes supporting the opening of the heart. He also leads Kirtan chanting with an open and energetic feel, awakening positive vibrations with a playful and loving connection