Travel and Environment

We are in the privileged situation of getting to almost every corner of the world by plane - whenever we feel like it, uncomplicated and fast. In many places around the world there is a tourist infrastructure that leaves nothing to be desired: hotels, shops, restaurants, ATMs, of course WiFi - everything is a must-have. In spite of all the convenience, we may from time to time question the meaningfulness of our expectations. And as a provider of sustainable tourism, we don't exempt ourselves from that!

Can it really be that we cannot accept 2-3 hours waiting time at the airport, so that the transfer trips could possibly only take place twice a day instead of five times a day? A trip certainly doesn't make much difference, but in total it does.

Can it really be true that we expect the same amenities in the resort as we have at home? Regardless of whether we are in a developing country, an emerging country or an industrialized country?

The privilege of being able to travel automatically means responsibility for the environment!

Developing countries in particular are of a completely different standard in terms of environmental protection and waste prevention than we are in Central Europe. Rubbish is often disposed of on the street, in the fields, in the sea. No talk of recycling yet. No awareness of the effects this has on fields and seas. On a small scale, we can certainly act as a role model - we as travelers in direct action and in the selection of the hotels we travel to. Many of our hotel partners completely do without plastic bottles and provide water dispensers, avoiding garbage from fresh food instead of prepackaged goods. Rainwater for watering the garden, solar systems for your own electricity consumption - many small steps that have a large positive impact on the environment.

Nature, forests, fresh air and clean water - these are our most valuable assets.
We get it for free.
Let's not kick them with our feet.
Not at home. Not when traveling.