We Care! 

Yes, we have committed ourselves to sustainable tourism. Why? 

Many years as travelers and working in travel business have shown us that tourism has numerous different facets, motives and above all impacts. Impacts on nature, on visited countries and its inhabitants, and on ourselves. After a long reflection on these consequences, we finally have decided that: 

  • Traveling has to be more than just a change of location. 
  •  Traveling has to be ethical. 
  • The traveler has to take responsibility. 

More than a change of location? 

Traveling should not just be a going (rarely), driving, flying from A to B. It should moreover be an opening up to another country, another culture, other customs, other ways of thinking. It should provide the possibility to widen ones own horizon; the chance to maybe see ones own problems from another angle. 


Ethical, moral values like honesty, non-violence, care, respect and acceptance of the other, differentness should be cultivated. As well while putting the journeys together as also while actively traveling. Concretely it is of importance to us that our partners in the destinations are real partners. No unethical business relationships on the cost of local population or the environment, no exploitation of resources. 

To take responsibility? 

Can I make a change as an individual in terms of climate change, environmental pollution? 
Yes, you can! 
Global challenges can only be mastered together, if every individual takes responsibility. In our daily actions, focus of thoughts, awareness, being a role model. We are of the opinion, that every little step is of importance, to protect and value the Earth and her resources. For us, all living beings, and all generations. 

„Be the change you want to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi