“It is harder to crack prejudice than an atom.” Albert Einstein 

Albert Einstein apparently knew what he was talking about… 

When we go on a journey we often have a lot of thoughts, ideas, opinions, expectations, clichés about land and people of the visited destination in our head. However every journey can be a chance to let these prejudices at home, a chance to open up to something new.
It can be so enriching to learn from people of other countries and cultures. Simply an open heart can enable inspiring encounters with locals and experiencing new impressions, unforgettable moments to think back off in time. 

Travellers from the west visiting economically poorer countries sometimes have the tendency to treat locals in the destination with a certain arrogance. Indeed the locals are usually less privileged, less wealthy, less educated. But who is the real rich man? True richness is richness of the heart, is humanity, is kindness and is the capacity to experience bliss. All qualities in which the so called poor locals usually are far ahead of us people from the west. So we would like to encourage everybody to meet the other person, no matter of what culture, religion, or color she may come, with respect. And not seldom we then will be privileged to learn from others. 

Human rights 
Besides all the beauties of some countries, there is often also a sad and shady side; the absence, or a failure to comply with human rights. We should be careful not to judge a whole nation on that, sometimes it’s in the hand of a few men in government. Even more important is to behave with respect and a sense of appreciation for individuals. Above all with women who are in many areas in the world still underprivileged and mistreated by men, that’s a fact. We try to make a change and support women by supporting NGO projects like e.g. TreeSisters. 

Children rights 
The same applies to the rights for children in many countries in the world. Child labor, exploiting the little ones and robbing their childhood and vision for future, is one of the crimes to our young generations. One of the worst and most shameful dark doings to the little ones who would need our protection and love is sexual abuse, probably the biggest ignorance of children rights and human dignity. The damage done to the souls of these children is irreparable and everlasting. 
We would like to encourage, not to look the other way and ignore! ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking of Children) is an institution fighting for the protection of children and their rights worldwide. Through campaigns they try to create awareness for children abuse and to break taboos. 


The platform „don’t look away“ is another possibility to report suspect cases and to show civil courage. 


“There is no great discoveries and advances, as long as there is only one unhappy child on earth.” Albert Einstein