We are in the privileged situation to be able to get to almost every spot on earth by plane, whenever we feel like doing it, uncomplicated, and in a short time. At many places on earth there is a touristic infrastructure just to please us: hotels, shops, restaurants, cash machines, wifi are usually a must-have. However with all these conveniences we may from time to time question the meaning of our expectations. 

Can it be true that we cannot accept to wait for 2-3 hours at the airport, so that the transfer service could run maybe only twice a day instead of five times? One drive, not a big difference we think, but globally seen? 

Can it be true that we expect the same conveniences in the holiday destination than we have at home, no matter whether we go to a developed, emerging or developing country? 

The privilege to travel around the world holds a vast responsibility towards environment! 

Especially developing countries are still on other standards in terms of environmental care, trash is thrown in the streets, the fields, the sea. No recycling. On a small scale one can be the role-model and many of our hotel partners are aware of their responsibility and try to make a difference: avoiding plastic by providing water dispensers, no plastic packaging for food by using fresh and organic foods, recycling water for gardens. Many small steps for a big impact on our environment. 

Nature, woods, fresh air, clean water – these are our most important resources by a mile. 
We get it for free. 
Let’s not trample on it with disrespect. 
Not at home. Not while travelling.