Luxurious Ayurveda at Erandia Marari Beach Resort

The puristic design hotel Erandia, located directly on the beautiful Marari beach, is ideal for guests, who appreciate individuality, minimalism and tranquillity. The six bungalows, the highly professional Ayurveda team, the individually prepared ayurvedic dishes guarantee a maximum of personal service, perfectly adapted to your needs.

ERANDIA MARARI is a barefoot resort.

Any guest, who feels like taking off his or her shoes for the whole stay, is invited to do so. Walking in the sand barefoot leads to a wonderful, free and easy holiday feeling. And this is an ideal contribution to self-knowledge and the ability to benefit most from the unique experience of Ayurveda therapy.

On arrival, just relax, enjoy the chance to switch off and experience a new environment, rediscover inner tranquility and peace. Authentic Ayurveda in astoundingly beautiful surroundings. Just 13 spacious deluxe rooms await you with the guarantee of a truly authentic Ayurveda course of treatment designed to fulfil your individual and specific needs.

The traditional Indian medicine of Ayurveda emerged over 3000 years ago. Embracing an holistic approach it aims to balance body, mind and soul in order to maintain or restore good health.

The Ayurveda Ashram is managed by two Ayurveda doctors: Dr. Shreedevi and Dr. Molly. Both belong to families that look back on a long Ayurveda tradition. The experience and dedication of the doctors is the keystone of an intense and personal therapy of the guests. The therapy programme is designed according to a detailed anamnesis and may be redefined through daily medical care. It is the ambition in the ERANDIA MARARI Ayurveda Beach Resort that all components – treatments, medicines and food – are catered to individual needs. This includes all meals and medicines, which are specially-prepared for each guest.

Each Ayurveda stay begins with an in-depth conversation between doctor and guest. In a relaxed atmosphere and based on the holistic approach of Ayurveda, personal circumstances, lifestyle, habits and health concerns are evaluated. According to those very personal findings the doctor designs an individual therapy programme, in order to remove toxins from the body, boost the immune system and cure various health issues. This programme includes daily Ayurvedic treatments as well as a special and personal diet. Furthermore, each guest benefits from specially-prepared massage oils and herbal medicines. Experienced therapists are trained by the ERANDIA doctors. They spoil the guests with thorough massage and other Ayurvedic treatments, always in close cooperation with the doctors. After the daily treatments, guests relax in the regeneration zone of the Ayurveda Ashram. Healing herbal wraps may also be applied, depending on the guest’s individual needs.

The Erandia Marari is the right choice if…

  • You urgently need to get out and recharge your batteries or want to give yourself a real treat
  • You love to be at the beach, by the sea
  • You would love to walk barefoot in the sand all day
  • You look for a relaxed, harmonious, personal and beautiful hideaway atmosphere
  • You appreciate spacious and elegantly designed suites, with the option to completely open up the room to the seaside
  • You love Indian ayurvedic food 
  • You appreciate authentic Ayurveda treatments, dedicated and professionally trained Ayurveda doctors and therapists
  • You like relaxed yoga sessions by the sea with view on passing doplphins...

Holiday destination

Erandia Marari on the Marari Beach in Kerala

Small. Fine. Stylish. This could be the brief description of the Erandia Marari Beach.
It is a barefoot resort. Any guest, who feels like taking off his or her shoes for the whole stay, is invited to do so. Walking in the sand barefoot leads to a wonderful, free and easy holiday feeling. And this is an ideal contribution to self-knowledge and the ability to benefit most from the unique experience of Ayurveda therapy.


Directly facing the sea ERANDIA MARARI Ayurveda Beach Resort lies on the long Marari Beach in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It is situated close to the town of Alleppey, known as the “Venice of India”. Alleppey is a popular starting point for houseboat cruises through the famous backwaters of Kerala. Discovering the palm fringed waterways and shimmering lakes on a houseboat ranks among the highlights of a Kerala trip. Amidst this tropical water scenery you find little villages, where cashew nuts are loaded onto wooden barges and women hang their colourful saris to dry. The colonial city and urban hub of Kochi is only one hour’s drive from Marari Beach. Well worth considering are a few trips inland: For example to the tea highlands of Munnar or the Periyar national park with its tigers and elephants. Both can be reached within a four hour drive from Marari Beach. Kerala, the southernmost state of India is one of the most inspiring regions on the subcontinent and is therefore called “god’s own country”. Kerala was especially honoured by the National Geographic Traveller Magazine, that voted it among the ten most beautiful natural paradises on earth. 30 million Hindus, Moslems and Christians live peacefully side by side with each other.


ERANDIA MARARI offers thirteen guest rooms. These are located in five bungalows, each with two rooms and one bungalow with three rooms. They are all situated directly on the beach and have an extensive roofed terrace with a living space, which can be enclosed completely, if preferred. These generously-proportioned rooms combine in an ideal way western minimalism with traditional Indian architecture. The central 24 sqm room features a sliding glass door, which can be opened to the sea view, so that the sitting area of the terrace adjoins and becomes part of the extended living area. This flexibility derives from the unique design and construction of the ERANDIA doors, which are one of the exclusive features of ERANDIA MARARI Ayurveda Beach Resort. These mobile louvered teak doors enable the Ayurveda client to design his living space to suit his needs and depending on his mood. The sleeping and living area can be enclosed or opened up to a generously-sized terrace with sea view. Either completely private or wide open to the outside world. ERANDIA MARARI accommodation offers space for contemplation. For this reason, the rooms have neither TV, radio nor wifi. The front area of the bathroom is roofed-over and opens on to the shower area. Guests can shower under the stars, surrounded by plants and experience the feeling of being at one with nature. This is all part of the wellness and healing concept of the ERANDIA MARARI Ayurveda Beach Resort. A further unique feature is the climate control in the rooms. The intelligent air circulation system avoids the need for an air conditioner, thus respecting the principles of Ayurveda, which question the use of air conditioning as being harmful.


The beach restaurant is built in the traditional Indian style. The roof is thatched with elephant grass, which was hand-made by local artisans. Guests who spend time in this special environment appreciate how unique it is - the tables resting on the sandy beach, the comfortable beach chairs with the view out to the sea, all of these contribute to the feeling of well-being.

Guests are served their own personal menus, each of which is prepared by the Ayurveda Chef de Cuisine under the guidance of the doctors. The correct Ayurveda diet is an essential ingredient for the success of the course of treatment.


Pricelist please click here 

14 nights from € 2.660,- per Person in double room

From June 1st, until August 31st, 2017 the Erandia is closed because of monsoon time.


Single Special in May 2017: € 50,- reduction per night on single room tarif

How to get there, flight booking and Visa

Arrival day and length of stay as per wish. The destination airport is Cochin.

Flights may as well be booked through us. We investigate the best flight options and offer the latest public tariffs, which can vary throughout the day.

For entries to India a visa is required.

For many European citizens the ETA has been implemented. Travellers can log on to and apply online. They will get a Travel Authorisation in 72 Hours. Visa Fees could be paid online. With this Authorisation, they can arrive at an airport in India with Visa On Arrival Facility and get their visa stamped for 30 days.

For further information please check with your embassy.


Airport pick up & drop off from Cochin intl. airport is included (if stay is mimimum 10 nights). The drive takes about 60 minutes.


The best travel time to South India is between October and March, when temperatures are dry and pleasant. April and May are the hottest months with high humidity. With the beginning of June monsoon starts. This is the time of heavy, long lasting rain showers. Due to high humidity it is actually a very good time for ayurveda.

The time difference between Europe (CET) to India is +3,5 hours in summer time and +4,5 hours in winter time.


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Ayurveda , Yoga

Holiday destination

India - Cochin

Travel dates

all year round

Included services

  • Accommodation at Erandia Marari Ayurveda Beach Resort
  • Ayurveda cure
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Ayurvedic full board including drinks 
  • Pick up & drop off Cochin intl. airport (min. 7 nights stay)


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