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 - MarktplatzPublished on 01.06.2017

Yoga Retreat in Bali

Indonesia, Bali, 5th November, 2017

Join a 1 week / 6 days Yoga retreat in Bali which includes Yoga, Asanas / Postures, Meditation and One day Bali sightseeing.

What to expect from the Yoga retreat in Bali

A vacation can be extraordinary, but a yoga retreat would be far better. Retreats offer much more value than going own. Not just chill at a few spots for few days, however the yoga retreats in Bali incorporates meditation and yoga classes, veggie, perhaps natural suppers, self-improvement workshops and even an incidental spa treatment.

We offer the best Yoga Retreats in Bali! Our Yoga Retreats in Bali are chosen for their high caliber in Yoga Teacher Training. Our luxurious one week Yoga retreats in Bali, Indonesia is designed to bring in inner transformation with the healing as prime objective. The retreat content is carefully designed to incorporate essential contents like:

  • Chakra Awakening

{ 7 energy pointy of the body called Chakras, which are repressible to produce different Kinds of Hormones }

  • Pranic breath through development
  • Centering through Classical Hatha Yoga

{ we have lost our cantering , how to get centred though Asana practice }

  • Bio-Psychosomatic breath

{Breath is One of the tool release psychosomatic diseases and stress }

  • One day Balinese five component custom for recuperating in customary old Balinese Temple with Balinese priest.


Indonesia, Bali, Kura Kura Yoga Retreat


5th November - 11th November 2017

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