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Treesisters - women seeding change


How do you unleash the creativity, brilliance, courage and connectedness of women everywhere and direct it towards the restoration of the natural world?

This is the question at the beating heart of TreeSisters - a women led tree planting organisation that we have started to support. TreeSisters goes where no other ecological campaign has gone before: into the exploration of how the reinstatement of the feminine principle and nature based feminine leadership are crucial in the rebalancing of our world and ultimately the survival of all species, including our own.

They do it through the 'in breath and out breath' of their organisation -

1. the in breath - (how we resource ourselves so that it feels possible to give back) empowering women though feminine nature based courses, workshops, monthly global calls, tools and resources that bring women together, inspiring hope and the feeling of 'anything is possible.'

2. the out breath - (how we give back from fullness t the one that nourishes us) inspiring increased monthly giving towards tree planting and then channelling those funds to existing reforestation initiatives in the tropics.

TreeSisters vision

to grow and inspire a global network of proactive Mothers, Grandmothers and Daughters working togetherthrough nature-based feminine principles and leadership to radically accelerate rates of tropical reforestation within 10 years.

TreeSisters mission

to reinstate a culture of ecological stewardship and collective responsibility for our forests through women led crowd funding campaigns that makes it normal for everyone in the developed world to give back to the planet every month by giving money to plant or protect trees. Through their two beneficiaries Project GreenHands in Southern India and Eden projects in Madagascar, they have planted almost 60,000 trees in the last 1.5 years - 30,000 in India as part of an agro-forestry initiative to reduce desertification and 28,000 mangroves in Madagascar to restore estuaries, fish stocks and local livelihoods. They will launch a major tree campaign with further beneficiary projects mid 2016.

For more details on their reforesting strategy:


If you long to be part of a sisterhood that is rewilding and reclaiming the innate capacities of women in order to serve this world then you may wish to join their global sisterhood.

If you wish to join in: www.treesisters.org/join-in/

To join them on facebook : www.facebook.com/treesisters/

For more details on classes: www.treesisters.org/courses/

If you wish to donate: www.treesisters.org/donate/

“Scientifically, practically, and emotionally, the work and purpose of TreeSisters is one of, if not the most, significant initiatives that can be undertaken by humankind to address the future of civilization. The world’s greatest land-based stores of carbon reside between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn in the form of forests. Their restoration is critical to reverse climate change and create a humane and liveable future. Can women accomplish something that governments and agencies have failed to do for decades? I not only think so—I believe it may be the only way it can be accomplished.”

Paul Hawken - author - Blessed Unrest - Founder of Project Drawdown