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+ Inspiration

Inspiring are the fantastic dishes which Ursula prepares day after day. Who thinks, that "detox food" is boring, is wrong.

Also the surrounging is pure inspiration - the finca with its wonderful garden and the various places to choose for a rest.
Breathe. Enjoy life.
Mallorca has plenty wonderful places to visit - beaches, hiking areas.
Be empowered by nature. Appreciate the moment.

+ Happinez

Happy moments cannot be planned. Usually they are felt during  daily yoga practice. Inalu has the perfect combination of energizing practice and relaxation for everybody. Her soft and highly professional way of teaching is a personal gain for everybody joining the classes.

Happinez is experienced by participants when combination of healthy food, detoxing, movements and relaxation are experienced physically and mentally. The enthusiastic support of Ursula and Inalu is heartwarming!



- Kilos

Besides a lot of guests loose some kilos during their stay. A good deal in exchange of inspiration and happinez.




Finca holidays with yoga & detox


„You gave me one of the greatest weeks of my life: inspiring, mind blowing, out of the box yoga classes and the most amazing health food I have ever eaten!“ L.K.

“A wonderful week full of energy, harmony, inspiration and relaxation – thanks to you amazing women Ursula and Inalu!” A.R. “It was amazing. You are amazing” E.W.

“Inspiration is sparkling, energy is flowing, the heart is opening up. Thank you so much for your loving energy you are letting flow into everything you do” U.O.

“You have literally done everything for us to feel at our best, it was incredible. Thank you” M.G.

Text: Sophie Boyer

Sophie comes from France and did nursing care in hospices for 10 years. Her interest in meditation led her to Myanmar(Burma) where she became a buddhist nun for 2 years, and spent extended period of time in secluded and silent retreats. She is concerned about environmental issues as a nature and wildlife lover. She is interested in meditation in daily life and animal communication.