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Holiday destination

Spain - Mallorca

Ayurveda as it should be: authentic, competent and healing! Enjoy the competence of a very experienced team, combined with the comfortable climate of the pitoresque balearic island in Mallorca's unique Ayurveda health & cure resort, the House of Silence.

  • Ayurveda-cure at the highest level
  • Short journey to Mallorca
  • Absolute retreat for your health
  • Enchanting place on the popular island of Mallorca

The popular Mediterranean island of Mallorca presents itself quite diversely: sandy beaches, bays and mountain landscapes, vineyards and orange valleys, olive groves and almond orchards; natural and historical sights, quiet sleepy villages and bustling crowds in the strongholds of mass tourism.

The House of Silence has implemented a concept of symbiosis of traditional Ayurveda with advanced knowledge of Integrative Medicine. 

Following cure packages are available

The competence center for authentic Ayurvedic treatments in Mallorca is counting on alternative individually designed health strategies and sustainable healing concepts. Classic gentle treatments for the regeneration and detoxification, deceleration and anti-aging, practised competent and according to the Ayurvedic and integrative medical applications of Panchakarma and the ManaSanthi.

Traditional Shamana cure

Classic gentle detoxification and "slowing down" harmonize and activate self-healing, regeneration and strengthening of the immune system, as well as the reception of new energy for body, mind & soul. Restoring inner balance is the core of this short, but very intensive Ayurveda treatment.

Langhana - Therapeutic fasting regimen with Ayurveda & Yoga

This fasting method is used in Ayurvedic purification and cleansing of tissues as well as for strengthening the metabolism and boosting the immune system. It also serves great purposes as a diet during and after serious illnesses. It initiates a comprehensive restructuring of the subcutaneous tissue, thereby causing a newfound vitality and lightness.

Classic Rasayana Spa

Ayurvedic anti-aging program with general rejuvenation effect to stimulate and sustain revitalization of body cells and to regenerate the energy balance. The holistic recovery and strengthening of the health also causes a natural increase of performance and vitality.

Original PanchaKarma

It is the supreme discipline of Ayurveda with the overall aim of intense cleansing, detoxing and strengthening of health, constitution and immune system. After doctors consultation an individual treatment plan is tailored to best meet the guests requirements. The treatments and applications are based on the authentic Kerala Panchakarma method. These treatments are generally performed under medical supervision.

The highlights are:

  • Competence center for authentic Ayurveda in Mallorca
  • German management with international team (24 h onsite availability)
  • Cures under Ayurvedic and integrative medicine aspects and supervision
  • Ayurveda specialists from India, Sri Lanka and Europe
  • Classic PanchaKarma, Rasayana cures and more
  • Herbal steam baths, synchrone massages and more
  • Vedic, dosha based full board and drinks
  • Original medical and therapeutical products of Ayurveda and food supplements
  • Daily Yoga, Meditation, coaching, support available
  • Comprehensive information available, cooking classes, diet consulting
  • Unique refugium with oriental ambiance
  • Member of VEAT - European Ayurvedic Head Association

from € 2.300,-

Travel dates

all year round

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Included services

  • Accommodation House of Silence
  • Ayurveda package
  • Ayurvedic full board
  • Ayurvedic doctors consultations
  • Treatments and applications according to treatment plan
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Ayurveda lectures, cooking class
  • Transfer from/to Palma de Mallorca airport

Holiday destination

House of Silence in Mallorca

Die Ayurveda-Finca liegt malerisch eingebettet in der mediterranen Kulturlandschaft “La Plà” und bildet ziemlich genau den geographischen Mittelpunkt des Natursanatoriums Mallorca; im mystischen Dreieck der umliegenden Heiligtümer, Klöster und Einsiedeleien. In der einträchtigen Ruhe dieser Ayurveda-Oase mit einzigartiger Flora und traumhaftem Blick in das weite Tal können Sie zu Ruhe und neuer Kraft finden.


Guest rooms at the "House of Silence" are set up in oriental design of the Majorcan Natural Stone buildings to harmonise with the exotic character of the Ayurvedic retreat. A successful fusion of the original, Mediterranean architectural style with modern technology and sanitary facilities. The house is equipped with ceramic tiles and floor-heating, and therefore offers a well-tempered and cozy atmosphere at all seasons. The exclusivity of the complex with only 10 rooms allows you to feel and live Ayurveda in all its completeness - with plenty of room for body, mind and soul.

Far from the island-mass-tourism, this special energy place will make one feel very secure, relaxed and lets one recharge the batteries. Around the "House of Silence" one will find serene and secluded places, with sitting areas on the sun terraces, relaxation by the pool or hammocks in the shade of palm and citrus trees, where some of the guests might forget about time.

10 guest rooms (single/double) are availabel and provide integrated bathrooms/shower/WC, towels, bathrobes, care products, hair dryer and yoga mats.

The following room types are available:

Double room „Casa“ in the house
Double room „Park“ with terrace and access to the outside.
Furthermore, there is one barrier-free room (on request also for wheelchair users)
1 „suite“ with sunny balcony
1 „stone bungalow“ (within the park area)

Community, Yoga and seminar rooms with an extensive library, are available as well as designated areas for mobile phone & laptop users and smokers, to meet the Ayurvedic principles. The consumption of alcoholic stimulants and beverages as well as any drugs is not permitted throughout the whole resort.


The Vedic cuisine is the soul of Ayurveda, since our food is the most important medicine that we take regularly. Part of the Ayurvedic medicine is the very specific role of nutritional teachings, where also the three Doshas play very important roles that develop individual dietary recommendations for each type of constitution. These counsels are determined personally during the initial ayurveda medical consultation with the spa guests as well as further explained during the nutritional counseling and cooking classes. The Ayurvedic food menus, available in the all-inclusive cure package, are the result of several years of cooperation between the two Vedic chefs Mr. Rakesh (India) & Mr. Jagath (Sri Lanka), which have already surprised some gourmets. The dishes are freshly prepared, individually and according to dosha compiled and presented. Their effectiveness is amplified through the necessary original products and recipes from the countries of origin of ayurvedic medicine.

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Spring, when the island is green and flowering, and autumn are very pleasant travel months for Mallorca, also ideal for hiking and other sports. From June to September temperatures can get very dry and hot, good for a summer-beach-vacation and chill-out. During the winter months the temperatures are mild and pleasant, the evenings can be a bit cool. Some people especially enjoy the off season quietness and nature.


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