Ayurveda by a beautiful lake: Thaulle Resort



Holiday destination

Sri Lanka - Yoda Kandiya, south east

Welcome to the heart of the Sri Lankans nature! When you spend your vacation in the peaceful seclusion of the Thaulle Resort, you will leave the bustle of the western world far behind you. Seemingly endless rice paddies stretch through the Hambantota district, where the hotel is located – a sight that caresses the soul like a comforting veil. The Thaulle Resort itself is located directly at the idyllic Yoda Lake.

  • Authentische Ayurvedakur auf Sri Lanka
  • Resort in edlem Design am wunderschönen Yoda See
  • Absolute Ruhelage, nur 10 Minuten zum Meer
  • Einer der bekanntesten Ayurveda Ärzte der Insel

A haven in the middle of nature

Elephants and leopards roam through the picturesque savannah of the Yala National Park. But Sri Lanka’s oldest nature reserve is just one of the fascinating destinations in the vicinity. Even good weather is usually taken care of: due to its fortunate geographical location, the region usually remains spared by rains, even in the rainy season from April to June.


Be a guest at the new Ayurveda hotel Thaulle Resort in Sri Lanka and enjoy a various selection of Ayurveda services - from individual treatments to complete spa cures. All treatments follow a personalized treatment plan. This is based on a detailed analysis of your needs and physical issues by Dr. Upul, one of the most renowned Ayurvedic doctors in Sri Lanka. In the seclusion of our discrete therapy centre, you can concentrate fully on the relaxing and healing effects of your treatment. For ease of communication, we provide you with German- and English-speaking aides at your side. The Thaulle Resort is approved by the Department of Ayurveda, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka.

How does it go

At the beginning of your cure, the Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Upul, will determine your Dosha type (Vata, Pitta or Kapha), with the help of a traditional pulse diagnosis, and analyze any existing physical complaints.
Medication: Based on the examination and the personal interview, Dr. Upul will determine which medications you will take twice daily with meals.
Treatments: Together with your therapist, Dr. Upul will create a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and physical complaints. The daily Ayurvedic treatment takes about two and a half hours and consists of three to four different massages, as well as cleansing baths and oil pourings. During your stay, Dr. Upul conducts regular check-up examinations, so they can adapt your further treatments to any changes in your condition. You will receive your new treatment plan for the next day after dinner each evening.
The end of your cure: At the end of your treatment, Dr. Upul will explain, after another pulse diagnosis, which changes have taken place in your body and which ones are just beginning. He will give you detailed instructions concerning the Ayurvedic resources you can use to expand the success of your treatment beyond the end of your stay. For this, the doctor provides you with a personalized meal plan and can provide you with medications, on request.

The daily  treatmens are arranged around the mealtimes, which are:

1. Breakfast between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m.: an Ayurvedic breakfast consisting of a herbal soup and fruits awaits you. In addition, they serve you hot water, which stimulates your metabolism. The Ayurvedic breakfast, unlike in Western nutrition philosophies, is very light
2. Lunch: In perfect harmony with your treatment, you have time between 12:30 and 2:30 p.m. to relax and strengthen yourself for the second half of the day. Lunch is, according to Ayurvedic teachings, the heaviest meal of the day, because at this time the digestive fire (Agni) burns most strongly.
3. Dinner: Starting at 7:00 p.m., you are served a light meal, in order not to strain your stomach at bedtime. With dinner, you receive medications tailored to your needs.

The Team

At Thaulle Resort, you will be treated solely by qualified Ayurvedic doctors and therapists who have devoted themselves to holistic medicine and sustainability. The head physician, Dr. Upul, is one of the most famous Ayurvedic physicians in Sri Lanka. For more than 15 years, he has treated European spa guests. At Thaulle Resort, he has gathered an experienced team around him, which is always approachable for the guests. In order to ensure optimal communication between guests and doctors and therapists, all treatments are available with German- and English-speaking counsellors at your side.

The Ayurvedic centre

So you can relax completely and concentrate fully on the healing effects of your treatments, you will receive all of your Ayurvedic treatments in the caring atmosphere of the Ayurveda centre. It is slightly withdrawn from the rest of the Resort and features a private garden and restaurant. There, you can relax between treatments and enjoy the spectacular view of the adjacent lake.

Private treatment rooms

The Ayurveda centre consists of six private treatment rooms where doctors and therapists treat you in an intimate atmosphere. Each room is traditional but individually decorated, and includes a private bathroom or a shower.


The Ayurveda centre has its own pharmacy, with a wide range of selected and certified Ayurvedic medicines and herbs from the resorts' own garden.

Doctors’ rooms

For screening and check-up purposes, doctors will see you in a separate room where you can exchange information completely confidentially.


Yoga is held either in the garden or inside the Ayurvedic hotel building: a spacious, air-conditioned room on the top floor, with panoramic views of the Yoda Lake, is provided to guests. 


To treat guests, only certified Ayurvedic medicines are used. Doctors carefully choose and test them. They are produced by the renowned manufacturers Siddhalepa Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Line. Intake of medicines is done only in consultation with the physician, Dr. Upul. Here, too, there are German- and English-speaking caregivers to help.

from € 1.848,-

Travel dates

all year round

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Included services

  • 14 nights at Thaulle Resort
  • Authentic Ayurveda cure including all treatments like Abhyanga massage, Shirodara oil puring and many more
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Ayurvedic full board including drinks
  • lectures, cooking class
  • excursions

Holiday destination

Sri Lanka Ayurveda Oasis Thaulle Resort

On a short tour through the hotel you will quickly discover, that the hotel is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Sri Lanka. The diverse nature surrounding the resort invites you to explore it, especially on foot. One of the most beautiful destinations is located directly on the doorstep: the Yoda Lake. You can comfortably explore it on foot, borrow one of the hotel’s bikes to reach it or sail on it in a catamaran. For a small but worthwhile attraction, you don’t even have to leave the hotel ground: take a stroll through the fruit, vegetable and herb gardens, and enjoy the tranquillity. With a little luck, a peacock will keep you company and sweeten your walk with a look at its colourful plumage.

Room with lake view

When the rising sun breaks glittering over the mirrored surface of Yoda Lake, you can watch the fascinating play of colours from your window, because every room in Thaulle Resort has a glass front with a balcony. Even the restaurant and the garden offer views on the lake. Soak up the harmony and vastness of the landscape, while majestic buffalos march through the waters and eagles fish in the distance. When the sun sinks into the horizon and night falls, the illuminated dome of the stupa Tissamaharama Vihara can be seen perched above the lake and will give you a sense of the appeal of Buddhist architecture.

Rooms – The charm of the individual

Every stay at the hotel is unique, because none of the 28 rooms are alike. Whether you opt for the Standard category, Classic Deluxe, Superior or Suite, your room is individually decorated. Typical of the hotel are the traces of traditional Sri Lankan craftsmanship and a nod to the style of the most famous architect of Sri Lanka, Geoffrey Bawa. All rooms have been decorated by craftsmen from the region and comply with the rules of Vastu, the ancient Indian theory of harmony of architecture. Enjoy the unique charm of your room, thanks to the decor of Sri Lankan antiques and wood from the Yoda Lake area. You can also enjoy the view through the large glass front with balcony – both part of the standard configuration of our rooms. One of the two buildings exclusively houses the Ayurveda guests, to guarantee you the peace and seclusion a successful Ayurvedic cure requires.

Following categories are available:

Thaulle suite: 57-100 m², with panoramic balcony, kingsize bed, separate living room with sofa, guest's toilet, desk with desk lamp and desk chair, digital safe, fall of rain shower, bath tub, HiFi music arrangement.

Classic Deluxe: 47 m², with panoramic balcony, kingsize bed, HiFi music arrangement, desk with desk lamp and desk chair, digital safe, fall of rain shower, bath tub.

Superior: 36-41 m², private balcony (14 sm²), kingsize bed, digital safe, fall of rain shower, bath tub.

Standard: 18,8-23.5 m² largely, with private balcony (3.9-7 m²), queensize bed, connection with another room possible (connecting door). For Ayurvedakur not suitably.


A delight! In the restaurant with lake view you are spoiled with the specialities from three different cooking cultures: chefs are trained in native sri lankan, wholesome ayurvedic as well as the many-sided international cuisine.

Gym & pool area

Guests will find opportunities for sporting activities in the on-site gym and pool. The spacious pool area is monitored around the clock. To ensure optimal water quality, it is tested several times per day. Even if you do not enjoy swimming, the unique, hand-made decorations from natural stone and the ornate carvings make a stay by the pool a rewarding experience.

Relaxation in the garden

The magnificent garden offers you countless retreat possibilities. The various relaxation areas provide comfortable spots for sitting or lying down, depending on your personal mood. You can take a sightseeing tour in the accessible fruit and vegetable garden for a more active relaxation break. One of the co-workers will gladly guide you through this fascinating plant kingdom.

“Green Philosophy” - Sustainability and local coexistence

Thaulle Resort has dedicated itself to gentle and sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka. They would like to offer to guests – in conformity and harmony with the nature around us and the people of the region – an unforgettable stay. Accordingly, the resort concept rests on four “green pillars”, ensuring sustainability and balance:
Renewable energy: They produce power for the Resort, in large part, by themselves, with their biogas and solar plants.
Home-grown foods: According to their high quality aims, they offer guests only fresh food. They grow – as far as possible – their own fruits and vegetables. The same applies to spices and herbs.
Support for the region: They feel committed to the people of Sri Lanka and want to be an asset to the local community. Therefore, they prefer co-workers from the region, employ local craftsmen and involve themselves in the local community. In order to strengthen the region economically, they rely largely on local materials and products.
The preference for local products means, conversely, that they largely dispense with imported goods. In keeping with their green principles, they use no disposable items, such as plastic bottles, at Thaulle Resort.

Summed up

With Thaulle Resort, you are not just choosing accommodation. You are opting for a hotel that has the nature and people of Sri Lanka at heart. They want to prepare a unique stay for you and offer you the benefits of an Ayurvedic, eco and design hotel. To protect the wonderful nature that surrounds them, they rely on renewable energy, operate their own solar and biogas plants, and grow fruits, vegetables and herbs in their own gardens. But responsibility towards the environment also means responsibility towards the regional inhabitants. Therefore, they work hand-in-hand with the local people, employ people from the nearby villages, contract regional artisans and involve themselves in the local community. This close cooperation is reflected in their beautifully decorated rooms, which have a blend of traditional Sri Lankan craftsmanship and Western design elements. They are especially proud of the heart of the hotel: in the Ayurvedic centre, the spa guests can enjoy a holistic treatment that corresponds to the original Ayurvedic teachings. They set the highest standards for the care of our Ayurveda guests: all therapists and physicians are professionally trained, the senior physician (Dr. Upul) being one of the most renowned Ayurvedic physicians in Sri Lanka. He has over 15 year experiences in caring for European spa guests. In the restaurant, are offered Ayurvedic food, as well as the culinary delights of both domestic (Sri Lankan) and international cuisines. Relaxation for all guests is guaranteed by extensive outdoor area, including their fruit and vegetable garden and pool. In addition to relaxation, guests are offered countless opportunities to explore the magic of the island. The various activities range from a safari in the famous Yala National Park to exploring the holy city of Kataragama.

How to get there, flight booking and Visa

Day of arrival and length of stay can be chosen. For a proper Ayurveda cure a minimum stay of 14 nights is required. Destinations airport is Colombo.

Flights may as well be booked through us. We investigate the best flight options and offer the latest public tariffs, which can vary throughout the day.

The visa for Sri Lanka can be obtained at the airport when entering Sri Lanka (USD 40,- / March 2016).


Transfer is not included but can be arranged for a fee. Transfer time is approx. 3 to 4,5 hours, depending on traffic.


In Sri Lanka findet man ein tropisches Klima vor, welches abhängig von Ort und Jahreszeit sehr unterschiedliche Temperaturen und Luftfeuchtigkeit vorweisen kann. Die angenehmste Reisezeit ist zwischen November und März. Aber auch in den heißfeuchten bis regnerischen Monaten kann gerade eine Ayurvedakur sehr effizient wirken, da die Entgiftung über die Poren gefördert wird.

Die Zeitverschiebung zu Sri Lanka beträgt während der Sommerzeit 3,5 h und während der Winterzeit 4,5 h.


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