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Holiday destination

Thailand - Phuket

Enjoy an authentic Ayurveda cure on the tropical island of Phuket. The charming boutique hotel Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort in the tranquil south of the island guarantees wellbeing on a high level.

  • beautiful and charming boutique resort on the island
  • tranquil and pitoresque location overlooking the sea
  • authentic ayurveda cure in Thailand
  • well trained doctor and therapists

Unique on the popular holiday island of Phuket is the Ayurveda offer of the Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort. It is the only resort with an Ayurveda doctor permanently available onsite. The small and elegant Ayurveda center is equipped with all infrastructure for an authentic Ayurveda cure. The Indian Ayurveda doctor and his professional team are well trained and competent. Through the small size a very personal treatment is possible.

Ayurveda is a holistic health system. Ancient but timeless and more popular than ever. The idea is to balance your doshas (biologic forces/constitution). This can be achieved through a big variety of treatments, herbal medication, diet, yoga and meditation. In a long-term Ayurveda should become a lifestyle in order to guarantee wellbeing and good health. Within a cure you will receive a lot of guidance and information.

The resort offers four Ayurveda cure packages with different focus. The initial doctor's consultation will define the final treatment plan, in order to consider all of your personal needs and wishes. The packages are described under "detailed program".

from € 1.300,-

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all year round

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Included services

  • Accommodation at the Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort
  • Ayurvedic (sattvic) full board
  • Alcohol-free drinks
  • Ayurveda cure package including all treatments like Abhyanga, Shirodara etc.
  • Doctor's consultations
  • Daily Yoga
  • Free shuttles to Nai Harn Beach and market

Detailed program

AYURYOGA SHODHANA – A well-being holiday program

Shodhana translates to “purify”, for perfect well-being, a physical, mental and spiritual balance is required. Hence this Ayurveda program aims at all the aspects with a detailed treatments with right ingredients for your doshas or personality trait and issues. The program starts with a detailed consultation followed by therapeutic treatments working from outside and herbal tea and concoctions from inside, relaxing massages pampering the mind, Yoga and meditation nurturing the soul. Preparing the body for an ultimate purification is obtained with choice from the “sattvic” meals where the freshness and energy of the tropical ingredients are consumed every day!

AYURYOGA CHAITANYA – A natural slimming program

Chaitanya is the state of freeness and lightness. This Ayurveda program involves treatments eliminating the tough adhered adipose toxins with the specialized powdered scrub each day, combined with detox steam. Utmost care is also given in advising and preparing a light and a wholesome sattvic meal everyday with the right choice of ingredients ("you are what you eat"). Physically the challenges are to overcome with good Yoga stretches and breathing exercises.

AYURYOGA SANDHI - A joint and bone wellness program

Joints or “Sandhi” are the receivers of the harsh care we give to the body every day. Our body does not care till symptomatic changes occur. Skeletal tissues are at the middle of the nutrition pyramid hence care with external herbal preparations, with internal herbal remedies and treatments are the core area of this program. Mild stretches with body weight and supports are the Yoga style recommended. Chronic issues care are given good follow up with herbal and food advices.

AYURYOGA OJASI –A rejuvenation anti-aging program

“Ojas”, the essence of the body plays a vital role in the ageing factor of the tissues. Right care with food, relaxation, rejuvenating herbs and right manner of breathing pumps the free radicals out of the body in giving a lightness and radiance to the body. A good technique of meditation also helps in keeping the worrying and fragile mind in control. The special sattvic diet with a life drink can revive back all the nutrients with energy of the soil hence feeling refreshed and young.

The exact content of the cure packages (types of treatments) can only be defined after the doctors consultation talk, as it has to adapted to your personal needs. On average you enjoy daily treatments over 120 minutes.

Holiday destination

The Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort in the south of Phuket, Thailand

Nestled on a hilltop in one of Phuket’s most sought after locations, in proximity to the best beaches, viewpoints, temples and the famous Big Buddha, the uniquely designed Boutique Resort caters for people desiring relaxation, staying away from the crowds and personalized service. Awesome sunsets included.

It is the only resort on Phuket with an Ayurveda doctor permanently onsite.

The resort offers free shuttle services to Nai Harn Beach, Thailands best beach, located in a pristine National Park. The Guest Service Agents assist you with the booking of land and see excursions and with any other requirements, around the clock.

Mangosteen is managed by a professional team, including the owner couple Mrs. Rose von Keller and Mr. Hajo von Keller. Both are constantly on site, mingling with guests, making Mangosteen a true family owned and managed resort. The owner pay a lot of attention to environmental friendly infrastructure (e.g. own solar panels, waste water recycling etc.).

The rooms

The Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort features 41 villa rooms and a selection of facilities over an area of 25,000 square meters of lush tropical gardens. All rooms are spacious and comfortably equipped. As the rooms are designed to be “naturally cool” (high ceiling) you will feel comfortable even without turning on the AC. Many furniture pieces have been designed by the known designer John Underwood.

You choose between Superior Jacuzzi Villa (58 sqm, with wooden furniture, an outdoor bathroom including a private jacuzzi), Deluxe Jacuzzi Villa (74 sqm, with a double and a single bed, original design with teak wood and terracotta, an outdoor garden area with private jacuzzi) and Royal Balcony Jacuzzi Villa (98 sqm on two levels, located on the top of Mangosteen hillside with stunning views, with jacuzzi on a private terrace and surrounded by tropical gardens).

All rooms provide bathroom/toilet with private outdoor shower, fridge, flatscreen TV, wifi, DVD player (movies for rent at reception), water kettle, safe deposit box, hairdryer, AC, bathrobe, slippers, terrace.

The food

Your delicous Ayurveda diet (full board, menue style) you enjoy in the restaurant with terrace and pool-seav-view. Vegetables get purchased at local organic farms, all dishes freshly prepared. The diet is sattvic, also called yogic diet. It ideally balances body functions and clears the mind.

The large free form swimming pool is salt-water treated and the heart of the property. It is open 24 hours with water temperatures around 30 degrees. There is generous space for everybody and even with the resort fully booked, the pool area won’t feel crowded.

The Ayurveda center and its professional team provide authentic full Ayurveda cure packages. The Fitness Center is located in the lower part of the Spa Building, well equipped and with great views towards Racha and Coral Islands.

How to get there, flight booking and Visa

The destinations airport is Phuket international airport (HKT). The day of arrival can be freely chosen.

Flights may as well be booked through us. We investigate the best flight options and offer the latest public tariffs, which can vary throughout the day.

Austrian and German citizens do not need a tourist visa when entering by plane and staying for max. 30 days. Other nationalities please check with their local embassies


The transfer from/to Phuket airport is not included, but can be organised (fee).

The drive takes about 45 to 60 minutes.


Phuket is the biggest island of Thailand located south of the mainland, in the Andaman Sea.

Typical for Phuket is the tropical climate with constant warm temperatures all year round.

The average temperatures are between 31 and 33 degrees celsius, March until May being the hottest time of the year. During the nights temperatures drop to 24-25 degrees celsius.

The climate on Phuket is influenced by the south-west and north-east monsoons.

From November to April the north-east monsoon brings cooler, drier air from the Asian continent to the island of Phuket. It rains rarely. 

The rainy season on Phuket is between May and October. Especially in May, September and October the rainfalls can be very intense.


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