We Care

Our commitment to sustainability

Although the term is getting overused lately our commitment to sustainability has been one of the most important components in operations since the beginning of Indigourlaub (more than years ago). We see the importance of sustainability on many levels:

1. Sustainable programs

Themes and instructors are chosen carefully, we make sure, they are profoundly trained and experienced. Some of them are even internationally renown. Combined with the quality of accommodations and hosts, the immersion with nature and the encounter of like-minded many of our customers experience a very special time on vacation, which often leaves an enduring positive impact. Not rarely change happens.

2. Sustainability in the holiday destinations

We are very picky in selecting our accommodation partners. First of all we have to have a crush on the place. Most of the houses we pick are small, family run and in a beautiful nature. Some of the houses grow their own vegetables and fruits, the people doing it are really concerned about their guests. One of the main prerequisites for us is an ecological, environmental-responsible attitude shown by the guest house (e.g. solar panels, water recycling, own vegetable-fruit garden, water dispenser to avoid plastic etc.). Another very important factor is the way the host shows towards guests, staff and partners.

3. Sustainable travel

We care about the way of transportation to the holiday destination. Flight destinations we offer only with a minimum stay of seven nights. For closer destinations a pickup from the nearest railway station is granted. We also help in building driving communities.

4. Selection of destinations

We never choose holiday places which are in the middle of mass tourism. We care about that the generated profits remain in the region. We also care about the way of getting there. Travels to protected and sensitive areas we refuse. We work all year round with a partner in the Austrian Nationalpark Kalkalpen, where we emphasize that the guests receive information about the protected plants and specifics of the region, ideally during guided hikings.

5. Whale Watching

Our CSR-certified partner OCEANO is very much engaged in the protection of whales and dolphins. The whale watching tours done by OCEANO are operated in a very sensitive and careful way, all offered tours are complying to the regulations of UNEP. To support wildlife we are holding a sponsorship for a dolphin and inform actively about Verein m.e.e.r., an institution supporting the protection of this beautiful and amazing animals.

6. Our customers

Last but not least, we work for sustainability in our relationship to customers. We see it as a privilege when customers put their trust in us to take care of their most valuable times of the year, their vacation times. We very much want them to experience a great time on vacation, a time, that influences their life, also beyond holidays. From the first contact with the customer until the moment when we ask him/her for feedback on the vacation we are concerned about him/her. The enormous amount of positive feedback is our best salary. We are very much grateful and perceive our work as a matter of heart.

Sonja Miko
CEO Indigourlaub
January 2016