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Teacher Training 200 hours, 2018 - Maja Zilih & Amazing Yoga Wien

Start of the next MayaYoga Teacher Training: March 2018

Maja’s teacher training programs are international programs of highest standards, designed to help you become a skillful, confident, intuitive, sensitive and articulate yoga teacher.

You will train to apply the abundant knowledge that you will acquire while expressing yourself clearly and with very explicit instructions. At the same time you will learn to infuse your lessons with inspiring and elevating spiritual themes from the yogic philosophy that you will study, so that in every class you assist your students on a true path of inner transformation.

Studying yoga with Maja means

  • ever-evolving in your personal practice and teaching skills,
  • always expanding your knowledge of the body and mind,
  • continuously deepening your spiritual insights,
  • increasing your capacity for intuition, sensitivity and awareness of what your students need, 
    and how you can be of service to their path of progress.

Whom is the 200hr program for

The 200-hour program is ideal for students who wish to teach yoga, 
for students who wish to dive deeply into yoga practice and study, 
as well as for the existing teachers of yoga who wish to experience Maja’s method.

It is for passionate yoga practitioners who wish to engage in a rich and creative learning atmosphere where they will:

  • Immerse themselves in all aspects of yoga – asana alignment, preparation, modifications and therapeutics, philosophy, meditation, anatomy, art and skills of teaching yoga, ethics and yoga business and other.
  • Learn how to create a class safe for students of all levels, respecting and inviting them to respect their boundaries but at the same time encouraging them to discover and unfold their full potential.
  • Discover and learn to trust and to express their unique gifts, their unique voice, and their authenticity as a teacher.
  • Learn how to convey the connection between the yoga class and an everyday life, so that students leave feeling elevated and inspired

The prerequisites for participation

A minimum of 1 year of regular and committed yoga practice, with recommended last 3 months of practice with Maja.
A written application and an interview with Maja


13 Weekends from March to October 2018 (Saturday and Sunday 8am-3:30pm with about 1 hr break)

March 3-4, March 17-18
April 14-15, April 28-29
May 26-27
June 16-17, June 23-24
September 8-9, September 15-16, September 29-30
October 6-7, October 20-21
November 10-11

10 real-class observations. 5 as an assiting teacher

Leads to Yoga Alliance certification RYT-200. 
For further studies you can continue on with MayaYoga Advanced 300hr Teacher Training. 
The two programs lead to Yoga Alliance certification RYT-500

For all further information please visit: http://www.amazing-yoga.at/ausbildung/5-ausbildungen/104-teacher-training-200h-2018  


Amazing Yoga Vienna
Diefenbachgasse 54A 
1150 Wien 
T: +43 650 561 57 60